In the fashion world, quality is a concept that is reinvented every day. To keep up the pace of such a changing and competitive market, there is a need to have benchmarks to guide research and stylistic innovation. The values ​​on which Matteo Cioni’s “Style” are based are those typical of the best Made in Italy: the technical expertise and experience of a ten-year family tradition, the desire to listen and to question in intercepting the needs of its customers , The passion for their craft, creativity, the desire to experience, respect and reinterpret traditional aesthetic canons in the pursuit of the beautiful, the opening towards new cultural contaminations.

A cosmopolitan style that embraces modernity and aspires to anticipate trends to give stylists a wide range of exclusive, sought-after, proactive items, capable of transmitting emotions and feelings even before becoming an artifact.

An activity that Matteo Cioni dedicates daily in his company, or the “Research and Development” of new products.

A continuous exchange of inspiration and inspiration, aimed at creating unique and customized supplies according to the needs of every single customer. The result of this work has generated to date an archive of thousands of solutions that cross experiments, studies, decorative types, different colors and finishes.




Matteo e Caterina Cioni -

Matteo e Caterina Cioni

Style and Creativity

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CREATIVITY: style and design

Making a valuable accessory is the result of continuous research, a great passion and experience.

For over 30 years, we have been affiliated with fashion designers with well-known names of fashion, making a valuable contribution in making the most complex idea even more concrete: the ability and consistency that lead us to experiment and achieve more and more sought after and valuable items.
An authentic made in Tuscany, to convey all our contribution of style and craft to the finished product. This is our job … and our passion.

... the product you want ... with unique design!

We can make any custom item! .. so it will be your one piece.

Each of our products is made with the utmost care and maniac precision for the slightest detail. That makes us different … it is the love and passion that we put into the realization of all our products. Request information for the realization of your product … we are sure we can satisfy you!


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