Research and Quality


Scope of the “uncompromised quality” approach in our production chain:

  • Accurate selection of raw materials
  • High-level skills and high skilled workforce
  • Efficient production processes, state-of-the-art technologies and suitable work spaces
  • Customer-oriented flexibility: from sampling to large supply
  • Research, stylistic development, innovation and personalization of the product
  • Quality control
  • Customer centrality


Uncompromising quality

Humanity moves its bounds and knowledge every day forward, on a path that instinctively tends to improvement. Today, more than ever, in a constantly evolving market like the one in fashion, who stops is lost, who does not question who refuses to learn, understand, grow, change, is destined to have no future.

In this sense,’s operational philosophy is inspired by a concept that characterizes various high-fashion market environments: quality pursued consistently, uncompromisingly, in all its aspects and along the whole axis of the production chain. Therefore, from the selection of raw materials to the final delivery to the customer, everything must be characterized by a continuous improvement that progressively increases the level of quality and efficiency of the organization, without neglecting the aspects of safety at work, environmental protection and Social ethics.


Many have a story to tell,
… of signs to show,
… a truth to declare.


Like vegetable tanned leather, men and women
Absorb the traces of time, evolve and become
Unique people to the world

All of our products are made with
“Conciate Leather to the Vegetable” in Tuscany
And are totally guaranteed by the

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