The Production



The Production Process

The entire production process is developed with countless processing steps, starting with the selection of purchased hides (strictly tanned to the vegetable), which come from controlled farms only. Selection is one of the key activities for quality products. The ability to evaluate breeding methods and their facilities, the ten-year knowledge of the areas of origin and the operators of the sector, the profound knowledge of the matter, have allowed us to select only those suppliers deemed appropriate to pursue a policy that Privileged absolute quality.

Model cutting

All the skill and the skill of our “cutter” is evident in our finished products! Being able to assess whether a skin is fit or not to produce a given item, cut the model, minimizing the size of the leather used and knowing how to evaluate the areas most suitable for the use of individual pieces that will include an item . All this represents our “Artisan Professionality”.

Assembling models

To get a high quality product … surely this stage of machining takes on a fundamental role: our operators put each day “heart and commitment” in their precious manual work of the individual pieces that make up an article. The great “mastery” with which they work and the absolute precision in assembly they adopt … allows us to obtain an article of absolute beauty and high quality.

Quality Control, Packaging and Shipping

The last stage, but not least, is the quality control of the finished product; This is strictly controlled in every particular detail to guarantee our customers the highest quality standards.

After the quality control, the product is ready to be individually packed, labeled with all the certifications that guarantee its origin and the highest quality of leather and accessories used; Only now can the shipment be ready for our final custome

… this is our way of working … our passion … our “Made in Italy”




All of our products are made with
“Conciate Leather to the Vegetable” in Tuscany
And are totally guaranteed by the


... the product you want ... with unique design!

We can make any custom item! .. so it will be your one piece.

Each of our products is made with the utmost care and maniac precision for the slightest detail. That makes us different … it is the love and passion that we put into the realization of all our products. Request information for the realization of your product … we are sure we can satisfy you!


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