The Customization



Your product … will be unique!


We can customize your product with the features you want … making the product a unique piece!

We can make engravings on skins of any size, with the shades of the colors you like and any type of image or character.

You can also customize the color of the product’s sewing stitches, which will guarantee its unquestionable uniqueness!

We realize these customizations completely by hand, with meticulous mastery and infinite capacity of our “Masters Incisor”. Each piece made … becomes a “one of a kind”; This is also due to the fact that leather, as a natural element, changes and changes over time … and every engraving will have a unique flavor.

… customizing a product … makes it unique and
Precious in time.




All of our products are made with
“Conciate Leather to the Vegetable” in Tuscany
And are totally guaranteed by the


... the product you want ... with unique design!

We can make any custom item! .. so it will be your one piece.

Each of our products is made with the utmost care and maniac precision for the slightest detail. That makes us different … it is the love and passion that we put into the realization of all our products. Request information for the realization of your product … we are sure we can satisfy you!


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